Map parameters

General information

Map generator accepts zero or more of the parameters:



IPv4 address to localize. If ommited or erroneous, client's IP address is used.


Map type. Defaults to sat. Available map types:

  • sat - satellite map (source: NASA Visible Earth)
  • night - night earth (source: NASA Visible Earth)


Map size (mini, small, med, big, vbig, orig). Defaults to small. Available resolutions:

identifier sat night
mini 400x200
small 1024x512
med 4096x2048
big 8192x4096


Requested width of the map in pixels. Must not be less than 200 nor more than 800. Defaults to 200. Must not exceed width of the map source (see map_size).


Requested height of the map in pixels. Must not be lower than 80 nor greater than 620. Defaults to 100. Must not exceed height of the map source (see map_size).

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